Team photo

Team photo
Kim Pitt, Laura Richardson, Danny Gibson, Tammy Palmer and Patrick Fagan

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another amazing day!

The team have experienced another amazing day in the city at the UN. Iwona from the incoming NY GSE team is an employee of the UN, and she organised a tour of the UN for us, followed by lunch in the very classy delegate's dining room on the water front. After the UN we had a short walking tour lead by Bob Soley through some of the historical and interesting buildings in the area. We finished the afternoon with a visit to the central park zoo to meet the penguins who have become our unofficial mascots for the trip. Last night we were hosted for a great meal at the Russo's house, accompanied by some fine wine and a very engaging conversation.
Today we are off to meet with some local politicians to discuss various issues including healthcare reform. We are all starting to miss home a little, but are sad that our time in NY is drawing to a close.

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  1. Up with the sparrows I see Kawalski! Most impressive.

    Tks heaps.

    Toasted Krill butties and a big happy dollar for you!